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Who We Are

About Us

Our Beginnings

Since our inception, Cosmos Recruit has always seeked to innovate and redefine the recruitment industry. We understand that the most important link in any organisation is human capital and thus we make it our very mission to support our clients through their journey in sourcing the right talent for them and to only place our candidates in positions that will allow for their capabilities and talents to shine.

We aim to become the top recruitment, consulting and staffing agency in 5 years time.

Our Values

What We Stand For

We believe that business and leisure can all co-exist together and that if we prioritise the needs of our clients and candidates, they will in turn do the same for us.
Here at Cosmos Recruit these are the 3C’s which we stand for.


To be at our most competent and do good work for every client and candidate who walks through our doors

To be at tip top consistency in delivering the best candidates for our clients and the most suitable jobs for our candidates

To build an open, diverse and global community where people of all professions, backgrounds and talents can come together

Corporate Office


To be Singapore’s and South-East Asia’s preferred Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing choice


To put people first in all that we do

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