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We are your Complete Recruitment Solutions Partner

Cosmos Recruit understands the nagging pains of organisations as they struggle to attract and acquire talent, retain and develop them to perform competently in their role. That is why our human resource solutions are fully tailored and customised to address the specific needs of your company’s industry

Cosmos Recruit is also made up of a team of experts whom have domain expertise in a wide range of industries which we believe is key to giving us an edge in having an immersive understanding of our clients industry and needs, which therefore allows for us to propose and recommend an effective HR solution

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At the heart of what we do, Cosmos Recruit will partner you on your talent search from young graduates fresh out of university, to general administrative roles and all the way to middle and senior managerial positions.

Thus regardless of your recruitment needs, here at Cosmos Recruit we will surely be able to assist you in achieving your talent acquisition aspirations.

General Recruitment and Talent Search

Temporary and Contract Staffing

On the higher end of the spectrum, Cosmos Recruit also assists our clients in targeted searches for C-suite personnel and niche roles which sometimes may include regional placements.

As the nature of such roles might be highly sensitive for an organisation, the fulfilment of these positions usually involves a longer time duration.

However we do understand the significance and importance of these placements and therefore we conduct extensive searches, having multiple rounds of internal interviews and consultations with the talent before presenting them to our clients for the final selection.



Executive Search

For clients who might require more flexibility in their hiring needs, Cosmos Recruit also provides a Temporary and Contract Staffing Solution for those who may not wish to take on employees under their own headcount.

And as your Complete Recruitment Solutions Partner, you can be sure to leave all the cumbersome matters of payroll processing, insurance, compensation and administrative processes to us.


Let Us Be Your Partner in Success

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